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                Venetian Application Wall Repair

Restucco and Interior wall repair is one of our specialties.

Restoration of your old stucco or interior walls from unsightly
 cracks or damaged, 
with the color and texture of your choice.


Our system of wall crack repair that is second to none, and we can match any existing texture and color you have for restucco or remodeling.

In my more than 35 years in plastering I'm always disappointed
to see plaster repairs and patchwork that remains visible
after other plasterers think their work is finished. 

 A wall repair made by Venetian Application is perfectly blended. Providing you a repair that cannot be seen, while bringing your wall  back to its original condition or a new finish of your choice.

Call if you need any type of interior or exterior patchwork and we will show you the technique we use for permanently eliminating holes or existing cracks from your walls or ceilings.


 Fog Coat Repair

This is one of my favorite finishes.

Fog Coat is the same as stucco, 
except instead of a large sand aggregate like stucco;
Fog Coat has marble dust mixed with
Portland cement, becoming a spray-applied cement coating, which cures
to become an integral part of the stucco surface.

Fog Coat is a very economical way to "even-out" color variations,
even on new work that you’re not quite happy about.

Virtually eliminate color differences form your stucco caused by job site conditions like changes in the weather or unsightly water stains from sprinklers.

Using the best in
cement bonding coats;
Venetian Application Can 
he Existing Color And Natural Beauty Of Your Stucco With;
® Fog Coat

Having problems with your existing stucco from previous patchwork, Fog Coat can often times blend the patchwork to an even color your choice! 

Is your crack repair still visible, it wont be after a Fog Coat application.

Fog Coat will never chip or peel like conventional paint.

We custom mix on the job site from LaHabra’s 52 colors to match your exciting color or provide you with an updated colors you may have had your eye on lately.

On a single building or for every
building in a community, Fog Coat will revitalize and enhance existing stucco with a fresh look
in the color of your choice.

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