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  Venetian Application Veneziano Columns

 Three Examples of
Veneziano Columns

Veneziano Scarlet Column


Veneziano Black Column


 Veneziano Travertine Column



Interior and Exterior Finish

The perfect finish over prefab fiberglass columns, providing a cool to the touch marble finish, that faux paints could never achieve.

Not very much say about Veneziano finish on columns, because this application is a tightly held secret.

I Will Say, You Should
Commission An Artist With Knowledge Of Old World Plastering Techniques And Celebrating A 35+ Year Career 

Palatial Estates

Restorations, Offices
Meeting Rooms, Lobbies
 Hotels and Restaurants of Luxury

" Our finishes Are Not faux" 
Rather True   Stone Veneer Plasters 
Imported From Verona, Italy
Home Of Shakespeare’s
Romeo And Juliet.

Imagine This Finish With Over 1200 Colors To Choose From

Color Chart

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