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 Four Examples of Veneziano

Veneziano Golden Sky


Veneziano Green Wheat

Veneziano Spring Water

Veneziano Cherry Pop
With Gold Wax


 Veneziano In Place



Our Smoothest Venetian Plaster
is Suitable for
Both Interior and Exterior Finish

The majestic beauty of this plaster belies its durability. An extremely durable, extra-hard finish, factory tested, in Verona Italy, where this plaster has resisted over 50,000 brushstrokes without wear.

As smooth as glass to the touch and capable of a superb sheen, its tactile appeal is challenged only by its opulent effect.

Stately and August Veneziano is at home in both the luxurious commercial settings like meeting rooms, hotel and office lobbies and corporate buildings to palatial residential settings.

Its sensual sheen lends itself well to nearly all types of
quality architectural design.

Every Designer, Architect, or Contractor of quality will have this one in their portfolio, its a must see.

Although Veneziano is, so water-repellent it can be used in the shower, it remains breathable, mold and mildew resistant, extra-hard, and washable.

The smoothest of the Venetian Plasters, and visually translucent in appearance, providing the effect of a polished marble, Just Amazing!

When I first experienced this finish, the depth, of texture and beautiful sheen truly delighted my senses, as I’m sure yours will be as well.

Veneziano’s luxurious feel and durability make it one of our most popular finishes. 

The endless color combinations, from
pale White to Black, including
many bi-color or mica powder effects makes this finish a
delightful experience to work with.

Its glossiness is the effect of high quality slaked limestone, which can be polished to the highest luster by trowel and cloth.

The durability of the Veneziano is extraordinary because of the quality of Safra’s Arte Nova elements and manufacture.

With origins dating back to the 15th century, Veneziano's classical mirror like shine and translucent marble-like appearance is what comes to mind when you think of 'Italian Venetian Plaster'.

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 1200 Colors To Choose From

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