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Three Examples of Travertino 

Travertino Tuscany


Travertino Country Blocks


Travertino Pons Aemilius


Rome’s Oldest Bridge
Pons Aemilius



 Interior and Exterior Finish

Travertine is a very strong sedimentary limestone that has been quarried, throughout time, in the town of Tivoli, near Rome.

It is a whitish, yellowish or reddish limestone that typically has small streaks, crevices and holes, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Travertino is made of marble dust and selected sands making it suitable for both Interiors and Exteriors and very durable through time.

The surface of this plaster is very directional and appears to have movement.

It has an open texture and grain and looks as though it is made up of a number of natural tones.

 Pure travertine is a creamy white color, but the building stone is more often found in various shades of brown, yellow and even red because of the inclusion of other minerals. 

Close your eyes for just a moment and whisk yourself back twenty one hundred years to the 1st century BC and the building of the first stone bridge of Rome, Pons Aemilius. Made from Travertine.

Now move ahead a couple of hundred years to perhaps the most well known symbol of Ancient Rome — and the largest known building constructed with this stone of choice by the Romans,
the Coliseum. 

Now open your eyes and visualize the look of ancient stone travertine on your own walls.

With Safra’s Arte Nova Travertino, and your choice of colors, you now have the chance to bring a little of ancient Rome to your own comfortable surroundings.

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 800 Colors To Choose From


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