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Four Examples of
Stucco Valentino

 Stucco Valentino Closed Wood


Stucco Valentino Wood Opened

Stucco Valentino Autumn Leaves

Stucco Valentino Purple Heart 



 Interior Finish

Baroque is the theme of this dramatic and intricate finish.

Stucco Valentino is a definite conversation piece that everyone will want to know about.

It is designed to resemble high quality aged marble like you would find in ancient times.
Stucco Valentino is especially useful in areas you are trying to accentuate.

Achieved with the artistic application of between three to seven layers of Calcenova over a special quartz base and finished with dark Liberon Wax.

Looking for something unique and dramatic? Stucco Valentino is a finish that will delete your senses.

It can be applied in nearly any combination of colors - and every combination looks uniquely unlike any other Stucco Valentino.

A multi-dimensional finish that reverts back to natural stone, which beautifully replicates the look of real marble.
The texture can be closed and small or open and rough
but the overall finish is very smooth with a high gloss.

Some of the Interior applications options are niches, ceilings, columns, wine cellars, entranceways fireplaces and oven hoods.

There are so many dimensions to this finish it is hard to describe and the pictures cannot do it justice.

When you see it and feel it for the first time, you will know what I mean.

There is only one word to describe it, WOW!

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 
800 Colors To Choose From


Color Chart

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