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                    Venetian Application Metallo

 Three Examples of Metallo

Metallo Silver Verde


Metallo Bronze Antico Verde

Metallo Golden Verde



Interior Finish

The Metallo finish
is a modern formulation.

Developed from years of research by the chemist of Safra, maker’s of the Arte Nova line, in Verona Italy.

Safra asked Doyle and Linda Self, from the School of Italian Plasters, if there was a finish they could develop for the United States.

Doyle and Linda envisioned a finish with a metallic character and Safra has far and above 
exceeded everyone’s expectation.

The incredible colors produced from this finish can add a sense of elegance to most any design project. 

Because of its metallic ingredients this finish is matte in appearance from one view but from another view it displays reflective qualities.

Colors come in shades of
silver, bronze, copper and gold
but the possibilities are endless with this finish.

Including many bi-color or tri-color applications and a Verde that can be added between the layers giving the finish a patina.

Metallo is a must to see.

On ceilings or walls it is hard to describe its effect, the way natural or artificial light can play with it... it’s just amazing!

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 60 Colors To Choose From

Color Chart

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