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Three Examples of Marmorino

Marmorino Traditional


Marmorino Gold With Interest

Marmorino Bi-Color / Interest




 Interior and Exterior Finish

Marmorino is another ancient finish.
 Used as far back as Roman times, but made most popular 500 years ago during the Italian Renaissance.

It is made from crushed marble bits and limestone which can be tinted to give a wide range of colors.

This finish can be applied to make many textures, from polished marble to natural stone effects.
Widely used in Italy
its appeal has begun to spread

 throughout North America

It’s waterproofing
 and anti-bacterial qualities as well its visual effects has made this finish very desirable for luxury bathrooms and other wet areas.

Not confined to interior use, it can be seen on the exterior of many buildings to great effect.

Traditional Marmorino is one of the most popular Venetian plaster finishes today, as it’s classical stone, and naturalness is difficult to surpass. 

Traditional Marmorino is low luster, matte in appearance, but with bits of marble peaking through to add interest.

Marmorino can be used in any area where you are coordinating other natural products.

Traditional Marmorino
has now been used for many
hundreds of years
and this classic Italian finish 
will dramatically enhance any
designing project

 Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over

 1200 Colors To Choose From

Color Chart

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