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Four Examples of Mantovano

Mantovano Traditional 


Mantovano Bi-Color
Mantovano Tuscany Bi-Color

Mantovano Sunset

  Mantovano Cherry Pop Red


Mantova, Italy



 Interior Finish

We consider Mantovano our signature finish because Safra the makers of the Arte-Nova line is the only manufacturer who has researched this finish back to its original source and technique.

Most of you have probably never seen this finish before. This finish is something very special.

This is the most unique
finish I have ever used
and has become my
avorite application!!!

This exclusive plaster and technique dates back in history to 1100 ad.

Architect Alberto Pitentino modified the flow of the river Mincino to create four artificial lakes around the city of Mantova to expand the size of the city and for defensive reasons.

The city is now called Mantova, Lago di Mezzo 
(use google earth to locate it).

At the time, wandering outside the city was so dangerous people looked for raw materials as close to the city as possible.

Unlike the limestone used by the people of Venice just 75 miles away, the Mantova limestone created a much more fluid finishing lime resulting in a finish that had to be applied by brush and then toweled.

This finish was extremely popular during the Renaissance period
and adorns many of Mantova's famous palaces.

Our manufacturer is less than 30 miles away from Mantova and would not let such a unique traditional finish disappear.

After years of research in the libraries of Mantova, Safra managed to figure out the original application technique and important clues for the formulation of this finish.

For a dramatic historically correct plaster finish,
Mantovano is the one.

It gives you a chance to own
 a small piece of Italian history.

It is uniquely beautiful and something all will enjoy.

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