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                 Venetian Application Fresconova

Interior and Exterior Finish

Fresconova is as real as it gets.
It dates back to the 1st century BC Rome, but it was the 15th century Venetian artisans who brought out its true beauty with the addition
of slaked lime.

This authentic plaster was used 100 years before the invention of fine mesh filters, and is the same as we use today.
We apply Fresconova over a textured base to attain unique finish, which is
true to the traditional Italian decorative heritage.

Fresconova is the choice-
and often a requirement- of restoration architects in Italy.

This is one that architects and designers will find a must for their portfolios.

Visually it has many of the polished qualities of our Veneziano Plaster. But Fresconova has polished grit underneath, which adds a new dimensional effect.

One can have the elegance of Veneziano plaster with all its glamour, but just a hint of grit.
This traditional Italian decorative plaster can bring new elements to any design project

Fresconova achieves a distinctive look like no other.

As with all lime plasters Fresconova is unbelievably durable, non-allergenic, non-toxic, mold and mildew resistant and is easily patched or retouched.

Image this finish with any of over 800 colors to choose from 

Color Chart

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Four Examples of Fresconova

Fresconova Lite Jade

Fresconova Roman SandStone

Fresconova Dark Jade

Fresconova In Place



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