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                   Venetian Application Fresco

 Three Examples of Fresco

Fresco Old Wine Cellar


Fresco Inganno

Fresco Blue Sky with Stencil



 Interior Finish

Only your imagination will limit the many forms of this finish.

There are over three thousand stencils to choose from for an interior finish that is perfect for that wine cellar, quaint restaurant

or country home feel.

We first apply a layer of flat primer pant to the surface and then a special Venetian primer prior to the application of two or more coats of fresco paint.

Then after placing any of three thousand stencils we wipe the desired areas with a damp natural sponge to distress the topcoat and expose portions of the base coat color giving the finish an aged look.

The finish is then sealed to prevent any further activation while maintaining its natural matt finish.

This finish can add an air of romance to any hallway, kitchen or quaint surrounding

Imagine This Finish With Any Of
Over 1200 Colors To Choose From

Color Chart

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