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                Venetian Application Etruria

 Three Examples of Etruria

Etruia Blue Cross Hatch


Etruria Tan Darby

 Etruria Golden Darby



 Interior and Exterior Finish

Ancient Etruria was located in the region occupied by present-day Tuscany near the top of the
boot-shape of Italy

The serenity of Tuscany is well known through out the world. Tuscany is renowned for some of Italy's most important cities from Florence to Pisa.

But what really capture’s our imagination of this area of Italy, is the colors, textures and ambiance of the Tuscany lifestyle of decorating.

This finish is a modern update to the plasters of the Etruscans in the Tuscany area.
Made with Quartz crystals to give a texture that has both a smooth and sandy finish and
depending on the application technique,
can have an Opalescence, Glossy or Matte finish.

The ambiance of this finish screams rustic Tuscany.

With its elastic properties and very high scrub and detergent resistance, this is a great plaster for any Interior or Exterior that craves a rustic ambience with tremendous durability.

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 1200 Colors To Choose from

Color Chart

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