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           Venetian Application Calcenova Arredo

Three Examples of
Calcenova Arredo

Calce Arredo Autumn Leaves


 Calce Arredo Summer Sun Set

 Calce Arredo Green Wheat



Interior And Exterior Finish

 Unparalleled breathability and mold resistance.
A smooth Venetian plaster with translucent layers of texture giving you a variegated finish reminiscent of floating clouds.

The layers of texture seem to move between a high glosses to a more natural simi-gloss finish.

The natural finish can also be made to have a solid high gloss finish with the application of Millennium Wax.

Intended use is in Luxury environments where the warmth of effect and flow of finish can add an emotional calming to your surroundings.

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over
1200 Colors To Choose from

Color Chart

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