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Calce Liberty

Calce Liberty Bi- Color

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 Interior and Exterior Finish

Calce Liberty of the Arte Nova line sets the standard today for slaked lime-based mediums, while at the same time preserving the best of classic Italian paints.

Calce Liberty is a durable, lime-based decorative paint available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Calce Liberty is a mineral-based, waterborne
wall-paint combining permeability and excellent resistance to both abrasion and atmospheric corrosion.

It is ideally suited to the decoration of exterior and interior surfaces in plaster, pre-cast concrete block and any substrate stabilized with lime or lime-cement mortar.

Thanks to its particular composition and the very high quality of its mineral ingredients Calce Liberty is ecological, anti-septic and a very effective fungicide.

Distinctive formulation of color combinations guarantees superb color effects with Marmorino or Prontomuro lime based plasters.

This finish is excellent for residential estates where natural products are required and appreciated.

There are lots of beautiful possibilities
with this aging color application.

Architects and Designers will appreciate this finish, when creating a theme or period project.

Imagine This Finish With Any Of Over 30 + Colors To Chose From

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