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Italian Plaster Los Angeles

 We Build Green With The Finest
Limestone Based Ecologically Sound
Plastering Products From:

We Are Committed First And Foremost To Servicing Our Customers' Needs 
With A Devotion To Ethical Standards 
Without Compromise

Our Service Orientated Reputation 
For Providing High Quality Plastering 
At Competitive Prices
Precedes Our Every Project

California Plastering
Certified, Bonded and Insured

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We Are A Full Service Plastering Company
With Over 40 Years Experience
In The Greater Los Angeles Area

We Specialize In Decorative Wall Finishes
Using The Best In Venetian Plasters 

With Knowledge Of Old World Italian
Plastering Techniques By Dean Baker

Small and Large Job Plastering Artisan
" Your Wall Is Our Canvas "

Beautiful Homes, Luxurious Estates  
Office Meeting Rooms, Lobbies
Hotels and Restaurants of Luxury 

Interior Plaster And Exterior Stucco
For New Construction As Well As
Restorations And Repairs

Guaranteed Crack Repair

" Our Finishes Are Not Faux Paint"
Rather True Stone Veneer Plaster
Imported From, Verona, Italy
Home Of Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet

Mined From The Same Source

For Over 500 Years

Plaster Slaked For Nearly Two Years
Allowing Our Plaster To Have
Maximum Diffusion Of Humidity

Prevents The Formation Of
Molds Spores And Bacteria

You Will Find Your Surroundings
A More Comfortable Environment
With Marble And Limestone
Venetian Plastering

A Sense Of Permanence
With A Life Time Of Performance 

For More Information
Ask For Plastering Artisan
Dean Baker
Venetian Application Inc.

(310) 774-0227

(877) 653-9020

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Masking And Protection Of
Surrounding Surfaces
A High Priority

Using Natural Earth Pigments

For Ecologically Sound Colorants


Over 1200 Colors To Work With

More Than 50 Quality Designs

 A Compliment

To Your Architectural Design

 For Your Convienance
Installment Payments Accepted
Through PayPal


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